Monday, 28 February 2011

First Professional Post

Further to my last post, in which I wrote about my 'Library Day in the Life' experiences, I've moved to London to take up my first professional post. I'm still working in higher education, but my role is very different to any I've had before. I'm helping to manage Blackboard, the Virtual Learning Environment, which is important as the place I work has several sites across the country and many students are part time or distance learners. I also work on the helpdesk, which involves answering student and staff queries about VLE issues via email. The job is very different from any I've had before, but I'm happy to be using the skills I picked up during my Librarianship MA - I know I'm very lucky to have got any kind of LIS job.

My first week was a challenge, but as I begin my second I feel I'm beginning to get the hang of things and I think I'm going to enjoy it. I also hope I'll be able to begin the chartership process soon. I've had an ambition to live in London for several years so it's nice to finally be here!